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Cosmetic Surgery - Thermal Facelift

In general, regardless of your age and gender looking good and staying young is what each of us desires to achieve or get. We know for a fact that all of us will at some point of our life experience aging. We are all genetically made to operate that way while trying to conserve the beauty or appearance part. This is the reason why cosmetic and plastic surgery industry provides all sorts of beauty enhancement procedures aiming to alleviate the signs of aging and at the same time maintaining a good look for a certain period of time. Thermal facelift is one of the top cosmetic procedures to reduce the sag on the face while providing a more firmer and youthful appearance.

Facelift is said to be effective in toning and firming our facial skin but the reality is, it isn't as effective as going for a full facelift surgery that involves getting under the knife. Facelift surgery is not for every people considering the price is not cheap. Hesitation of going below the knife is not uncommon even to individuals who can afford the surgery considering the risk actors involved. Non-surgical procedure is an alternate solution for people who are not ready for such surgical procedure. Thermal facelift is one of the top non-surgical procedure that doesn't involve incisions. The risk factor is very low which is close to nothing. The process of thermal facelift procedure involves using a radio frequency waves that penetrates into the skin that rapidly stimulates the layer  of collagen found beneath the skin. The radio frequency heat will result on collagen build-up and contraction that will eventually result on the toning and tightening up the skin surface.

Since the procedure utilizes heat during the process, it is not uncommon to experience a skin irritation following the procedure. This side effect is very minimal and normal so there is nothing to worry about. Using anesthetic creams is helpful to eliminate the irritation while helping the results comes naturally at its best. A dermatologist is a common source of anesthetic creams and pain reliever. 

Your expectations after the procedure

Following the procedure, results will be seen immediately in the brow, eyes and cheek. You will be able to immediately see the results right after the surgery. This immediate results as you walk out your doctors office could last for a few months. The effective results may not sound so dramatic compared to the conventional facelift surgery therefore, one can't have a high expectations from it.

Factors when going for a thermal facelift

1. Thermal facelift involves radio frequency heat so the need for a professional and experienced cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist is the top priority. The risk factor includes burning if prolonged concentration of beam left on the skin, although such incidents is a rare occurrence. Timing and accuracy are important when performing this procedure so the specialist's skill is of utmost importance.

2. It is important to understand and set a realistic goals before deciding on getting the treatment. Remember to do your own research to determine if the treatment is right for you. Do not hesitate to investigate more facelift options available and seek the right specialist who have performed many facelift procedures. Looking up to testimonials and reviews from other clients is helpful. By doing this, you will be ready and confident in trusting the skills of an specialist performing such treatment on your delicate body part.

3. The cost of thermal facelift procedure. It is not always safe to go with the affordable choice but rather go after to the ones with good reviews and reputation. So they say, we pay for the quality. I do, do you?